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Whenever we host a new out-of-town visitor, they almost always want to see Biltmore Estate, North Carolina's most visited home. They're in good company, as almost a million people a year tour this remarkable place.

Biltmore Estate, Biltmore House, Asheville North Carolina

Why this astounding popularity? First and foremost, Biltmore Estate offers a doorway into the romance and grandeur of America's remarkable "Gilded Age" - that era of fairytale wealth, elegant living and conspicuous consumption that the highest echelons of society enjoyed between 1865 and 1900.

Biltmore Estate Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina Add to this the stunning architecture of the largest private house in America - a house filled with centuries worth of priceless treasures gleaned from around the world by a man with a seemingly limitless budget.

Then there are the seventy five acres of spectacular gardens, a world-class winery, a renowned inn and a delightful array of outdoor adventures that take place around Biltmore Estate's 8,000 acres of rolling forest and farmlands that lie along the sparkling waters of the French Broad River.

The centerpiece of Biltmore Estate, Biltmore House rises like a dream from the rolling landscape along the French Broad River. This immense French-style chateau has a graceful, almost delicate architecture that shelters a nearly unbelievable 255 rooms and the 175,000 square feet of living space below the lofty mansard roof.

A massive project that took an army of laborers and skilled craftsmen seven years to complete, Biltmore Mansion was designed and built for George Washington Vanderbilt, son of railroad and industrial magnate, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Construction was completed in 1895. During and after the construction of the house, Vanderbilt traveled to Europe and Asia collecting the fabulous furnishings and dazzling artworks that fill the mansion.

Biltmore Estate Gardens, Shrub Garden, Asheville North CarolinaToday Biltmore Estate is the most visited attraction (and one of the largest employers) in the Asheville area. But there is far more to the Estate that just the Biltmore Mansion. There are the stunning and meticulously cared for gardens, with their own guided tours, a winery with a superb tasting room, a nineteenth century living history farm and 8,000 acres of woodlands surrounding the French Broad river that is a stage for any number of family oriented outdoor adventures from cycling to hiking, kayaking, raft trips, wagon and trail rides, and more.

Another thing we love about Biltmore estate is the people. Biltmore goes out of its way to hire highly skilled employees and treat them well. As a result the staff is a delight; friendly, well spoken and always eager to help, whether it's providing historic information, or directions to the nearest restaurant.

Before starting your tour, you may want to review our Top Ten Tips for Visiting Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore House Admission to Biltmore includes a self-guided tour of the house. Here you'll see room after amazing room filled with superb tapestries, rare and historic furnishings, paintings and sculptures by renowned artists and more. Must-sees include the spectacular glass-roofed Winter Garden, the medieval looking Banquet Hall and the fabulous Library with its two stories of books.

Biltmore Gardens By any measure, the Biltmore Gardens are among the finest public gardens in America. With over seventy five acres of floral landscaped splendor, a day in the gardens could be an itinerary all its own. Many people who tour the house, bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the gardens.

Biltmore Winery This is the most visited winery in America, and for good reason. The award-winning wines bottled here are produced from varietal grapes that flourish on the estate's misty hillsides.

Biltmore Specialty Tours Biltmore offers numerous specialty tours. See Biltmore House as never before with a Rooftop Tour or a Behind the Scenes Tour. Get a close-up look at Biltmore's award winning wine making process on a Winery Tour.

River Bend Farm and Outdoor Adventures Kids love River Bend Farm where the late-nineteenth century world of farming is on display. The nearby Outdoor Center offers a wide range of family oriented adventures and outdoor experiences including river rafting trips, bike rentals, fly fishing lessons and guided walking tours.

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